About Us

Luther Heights is a Christian organisation that welcomes everyone.

Jesus Christ is our model. He accepted, loved and served all people, regardless of their religious beliefs, race or culture.  In His example we welcome you.

It is our joy to know His love and to be saved through His grace. We hope you will experience this joy during your stay at Luther Heights. 

We do not preach to you, we love and serve you.  We will not change who we are for you, for we believe if we can model even a little bit of Jesus then you will find this attractive.

 Our values are shaped by the example of Jesus Christ; who despite being God, humbled himself and gave His life in sacrifice for us (Philippians 2:5-8). We strive to imitate the leadership model that Jesus demonstrated.

Integrity             It is recognised that our conduct is ethical, honest and fair.

Service              We are recognised for our commitment and excellence in serving others.

Passion             We are proactive and committed to serving young people and our God.

Engagement      We don’t just provide ministry to young people; we actively involve them in the delivery of our ministry.

Innovation          We are renowned both for our creativity and our pursuit of excellence.

Compassion      We lovingly engage with young people in both their joys and their brokenness.

Luther Heights Youth Camp is owned and operated by Lutheran Youth of Queensland, a part of the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Apart from running Luther Heights, Lutheran Youth of Queensland  also hold many holidays camps, training and development days, leadership training and youth ministry conferences right across Queensland.

To find out more visit www.lyq.org.au


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