The Team on activities were clear on instructions, friendly and supportive of students. Kitchen staff were helpful in providing for difficult dietary needs and going out of their way to be friendly to staff and students. The campsite was beautiful and clean with lovely views.

Redeemer Lutheran College - Lauren Yr 7 - 10 Feb 2016

the team where friendly, helpful and would go out of their way to help. The group experience was very good and the team were good at engaging with students and getting them to reflect of their experiences.

Grace Lutheran College Caboolture - Richard Yr 7 - 24 Feb 2016

The Program team were fantastic, amazing, outstanding and impacting. The instructors were great with the kids, very encouraging and clear. Debrief was excellent and kids felt valued and proud.

Mueller College - Darren Yr 7 - 23 Feb 2016

All activities were fun, engaging and fulfilled our criteria. Students connected with each other and built on team work skills. The team were very approachable, helpful and connected well with our students.

Lords Yr 7 - 05 Feb 2016

The food at camp was fresh, delicious and there was plenty of it. The Luther Heights grounds are beautiful and very clean. The programs were fantastic, fun and impacting. The flying fox is a great activity to take kids out of their comfort zone and the team challenge activities are great for group building.

Pacific - David Yr 3 - 30 Oct 2015

The team at Luther Heights are welcoming , helpful, knowledgeable and awesome! The best part of my stay was the staff at Luther Heights. The activities were outstanding! The nature walk was so good and the swing bridge was great for team building. Debriefing the children after the activities was great.

Lakes College - Rachel Yr 3 - 23 Oct 2015

The best part of the camp was the relaxed atmosphere and the efficiency. The grounds are well maintained and clean. The catering was good, they served fresh, tasty food and there was plenty to go around. The kitchen staff were excellent. The activities were fun. Mini raft making required a higher order of thinking which required more teamwork. Team challenge was great for communication and using a variety of teamwork skills.

Earnshaw - Jason Yr 4 - 29 Oct 2015

The food and activities were the best part of camp. The food was fresh and delicious, and there was plenty of it. The activities were fun and the programs were engaging. One night we had a bonfire and that gave us a chance to sit down and reflect.

Victory College - Julia & Bruce Yr 4 - 21 Oct 2015

The team at Luther Heights have been highly professional, friendly, welcoming and accommodating. The best part of the camp was the food, the environment, the activities and the 80 smiling faces! The big group game was a great way to start the camp followed by mini raft making which was simple but required cooperation and teamwork. The flying fox is always a challenge but definitely a highlight of camp. Loved team challenge.

Our Lady of Mt Carmel - Kate Yr 4 - 23 Oct 2015

The team at Luther Heights are friendly, professional, diligent, happy and cheerful. They are always looking for ways to engage with the children. The best part of the stay at camp was seeing growth in the children and the consistency of the experience. The activities and programs were outstanding. Low ropes was excellent, the kids gave positive feedback about mini raft building and the flying fox was an excellent challenge, especially for the less confident. Debriefing after the activities was the most important part and not letting the kids off with the obvious easy answers.

Mt Samson - Brunella & Jason Yr 4 - 14 Oct 2015

The office team are fantastic, well organized and always willing to problem solve. The kitchen staff are welcoming, organized and interacted well with all the students and staff. Our special dietary requirements were professionally managed and catered for. The food was of high quality, nutritious and very plentiful. The program team were all very friendly and related well with the students and quickly built relationships with them. They offered a very balanced program that challenged the children but also provided many opportunities for success. The debriefs after each activity were excellent, they were simple, concise and rounded off the activity well. Our stay was perfect!

Oakleigh SS - Jason Yr 4 - 17 Jul 2015

The best part of the camp was the organization of the activities and the staff, it made managing the children a breeze. The staff are friendly, helpful, organized, knowledgeable and professional. We could not ask for better. During the activities we saw the groups grow and change over the 3 days, we saw many blossoming personalities and group dynamics change throughout different experiences. We really love the camp program, the professional leaders and the communication with the children. We are always impressed by the attention to detail and care that the Luther Heights team show.

Faith Lutheran College - Margaret Yr 4 - 18 Mar 2015

The Team we encountered at Luther Heights were all very helpful and informative. They had a great attitude, were fantastic with communication, planning prior to camp, and their facilitators were amazing. We found Team Challenge was indeed challenging, Raft Building great for team building and the Flying Fox was impressive! Every part of our experience was all good - beautiful grounds, excellent cleanliness, delicious food and outstanding activities.

St Peter Chanel - Tim Yr 5 - 04 Nov 2015

The team at Luther Heights are all awesome. The catering was nutritious, delicious and I loved the pod coffee and hot chocolate! The activities are outstanding and the relevance they have on the children is impacting. Debriefing after the activities was fantastic. We loved it so much that we have already booked for next year.

West End - Carolyn Yr 5 - 29 Oct 2015

The best part of this camp was seeing the change in the group’s growth after doing countless team challenges. The team are great! Professional and caring. The food was nutritious and I loved the pod coffee. We were blessed to have such a wonderful group of people who helped to make this a wonderful experience for all the students.

Good Shepherd Lutheran College - Jana Yr 5 - 15 Sep 2015

Every facilitator did a wonderful job, patient and enthusiastic at all times – even at the end of the day. The activities were outstanding and their relevance was impacting.

Nambour Christian College - Linda Yr 5 - 04 Sep 2015

Luther Heights provided a team of staff that were extremely professional. The team provided great discussions and reflections after each activity. They were extremely helpful, friendly and easy to work with. We all had a really enjoyable time and loved all the activities and values that were taught and discussed. Thanks for all your hard work Luther Heights.

Spinifec College - Jon Yr 5 - 28 Aug 2015

The best part of the stay at Luther Heights is the food, accommodation and the welcoming staff. The staff were very helpful, friendly, organised and safe. They were always willing to go out of their way to help. Communication and planning of activities was efficient, the facilitators were engaging, the activities were fun and the relevance of the activities was applicable. Thanks for having Stella Maris year 6.

Stella Maris - Mike Yr 5 - 07 Aug 2015

The best part of my stay at Luther Heights was the food, people, programs and variety of activities. The staff are very professional, approachable, educated and qualified. We loved their manner and the way they related to and mixed with the students. I loved all the programs, we had a well balanced, interactive and engaging program. The bush dance and camp fire were awesome, they kept the students enthused all night.

St Joachim's Primary - Donna Yr 5 - 21 May 2015

Our welcome and site induction was exceptional, the grounds were beautiful, the accommodation was ideal and the cleanliness was excellent. The catering was nutritious and there was plenty of food for everyone. The team at Luther Heights were excellent, they were friendly and very professional. The best part of my stay was the food, the kitchen staff are amazing. The programs and facilitators were amazing and all the activities were outstanding. They gave the students many different opportunities for personal growth, teamwork and kindness.

Redeemer Lutheran College Biloela - Kylie Yr 6 - 05 Nov 2015

The team I encountered at Luther Heights were helpful, friendly and passionate, a true credit to the facility. They were a blessing to me as I was less than enthusiastic about attending – their enthusiasm lifted me up and encouraged me in my role and what I do. The best part of my stay was the formula, the happy, passionate staff and the amazing and beautifully well kept grounds. The activities were excellent. The challenges provided students opportunities to shine. Rescue me was great, it allowed the kids to interpret the scenario for themselves. I loved the amount of encouragement the staff gave the students at the flying fox. Debriefing after activities was done in a meaningful way and allowed the students to connect and voice their opinions.

Prince of Peace - Libby Yr 8 - 11 Nov 2015

Team members were excellent, great quality of facilities and friendliness of staff. Thank you for another AMAZING camp. We love Luther Heights and look forward to out next visit.

Siena Catholic Primary - Leah Yr 6 - 03 Feb 2016

The team at Luther Heights where brilliant with the staff and students, the where very patient and tolerant. Dealt with effectively and without drama. The stay was perfect! Debriefing was very well led by the team.

St Patrick's - Kim Mooney Yr 7 - 19 Feb 2016

The team at Luther Heights where good with the kids, gave very clear directions and very polite, well-mannered and fun! The food was sensational and the staff was excellent. The Luther Heights Chef was above and beyond. All the activities allowed for team building skills which enabled the kids to understand the importance of working together. The debriefing was valuable and the kids benefited from this.

Genesis - Parent Helper Yr 7 - 25 Feb 2016

The staff at Luther Heights where awesome as always, approachable, kind, and lots of fun! The kitchen staff were great all week.

Strathpine SS - Yr 5 - 11 Mar 2016

Always an excellent camp with great instructors, will be back next year!

Peace Lutheran College - Scott Yr 6 - 17 Feb 2016

The team at Luther Heights where friendly and helpful. The best part of our stay was the range of activities, friendly staff and the site manager Dave! We loved all of the activities.

Kurwongbah SS - Craig Yr 6 - 03 Feb 2016

The best thing about our stay was the food and activities. Group experience was great!

Emmaus - Yr 7 - 11 Mar 2016

The variety of activities, and camp facilities (Access to Beach) where just some of the best things about our stay. Everyone loved the flying fox, including all the teachers! All together the groups experience was fantastic.

Emmaus - Laura & Matt Yr 8 - 18 Mar 2016

The debriefing was really helpful, well-paced, thought provoking and excellent. The activities where outstanding and facilitators where amazing.

Good Shepherd - Karen Yr 12 - 29 Jan 2016

The Team are professional, Supportive, friendly and positive. The best hing about our stay was the friendliness and warmth of the staff, including the kitchen staff. Food as always is excellent! Thanks for having us again. It was a great first camp experience for our kids!! Staff catered for our high needs children really well and kept them involved.

Faith Redlands - Marg & Sarah Yr 4 - 13 May 2016

The Team are very talented people - Very engaging, positive, enthusiastic and very well educated. The beach games and food where the best thing about our stay and the campfire was very special too! Groups experience was superb! The activities where awesome, challenging, fun and just the best!

St Jachim's - Dona Yr 5 - 18 May 2016

The Team were professional, friendly and enthusiastic! The view, activities and food were the best things about our stay! Thank you for an awesome 3 days, the kids and staff had an amazing time! BEST CAMP EVER!!

St Andrews LC - Phil Yr 5 - 20 May 2016

The Team at Luther Heights was all-round exceptional. They were very friendly and helpful. The Medium Ropes and Team Challenge were great opportunities for students to work together, encourage others and be given responsibility. All together the group experience was amazing!

Gems - Yr 6 - 29 Apr 2016

Luther Heights Team were friendly, supportive, clear and helpful. The best thing about our stay at Luther Heights was the camp environment and the instructors. The students really enjoyed each activity and though that the medium ropes where highly challenging.

Hilder Road - Brian, Sandra, Michelle & Linda Yr 6 - 13 May 2016

The entire Team from Dave to the Catering Staff were extremely friendly and helpful. The relaxed vibe was the best thing about our stay! The groups experience was excellent. Debrief highlighted what needed to be learnt from the experience - made the connections to real life/classroom. Some of the team have inspired some students to be just like them when they grow up!

St John's LC - Jodie Yr 8 - 20 May 2016

The Team at Luther Heights were enthusiastic, good with children, and always gave a simple explanation of activities. Best part was the activities; food and seeing the children have a good time and build more independence. Thanks for a great camp!

Matthew Flinders - Yr 3 - 27 May 2016

The Team at Luther Heights are very friendly, helpful, accommodating, caring, compassionate and skillful in managing and supporting students. They are always professional in their manner with students. The best thing about our stay was the challenge of the activities – Team challenge in particular.

St Stephen's Lutheran College - Kate, Yr 7-9 - 23 Jun 2016

The Luther Heights team relationship skills were excellent. The team took time to talk every day and check on how things were going and showed genuine interest. They remembered the student’s name which is really important. The best thing about camp was the facilities and the staff where very committed. The activities where outstanding! Flying Fox was brilliant, and Team challenge was excellent! Beach Games where lots of fun and all games where all organised well. Debrief at the end of each activity was excellent! Children had clear instructions and good reflection times.

Australian Christian College - Esther, Yr 3-5 - 10 Jun 2016

Thank you so much for all your amazing support during our Kids Camp. The Children had an absolutely fantastic weekend. Everyone loved the campsite, especially the food. The Build a Miniature Raft was a huge hit for Leaders and Children.

St Vincent de Paul - Kids Camp, Anthony - 18 Jul 2016

The Leaders where very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. They are enthusiastic and great with kids. The best part of our stay was the activities and the food. The staff were good too and the view!

Nambour CC - Sonya - 01 Sep 2016

The team were enthusiastic, and engaged with students really well. They would stay and play games with the kids after organised activities which is wonderful and the kids loved it! Thanks.

Good Shepherd - Steve & Jana - 02 Sep 2016

The team at Luther Heights were extremely professional; we thoroughly appreciated the group discussions after each activity. The way they are conducted is terrific for our students. The best part about our stay would defiantly be the support that is built between the college and Luther Heights staff. Terrific debrief and reflections for the students. THANK YOU!!! We thoroughly enjoy our time here!

The Springfield Anglican College - Jonathan - 19 Aug 2016

Everyone in the team has been very accommodating and friendly in catering for our needs. Thanks so much for your dedication and enthusiasm. All of the children loved the flying fox. That was a highlight. The group talk at the end was very beneficial for our students to share and reflect upon how they could work better at co-operating as a team. The food was fantastic and we appreciated the variety and attention to detail to cater for special dietary needs. The programming worked really well for our yr 3 group and they were able to experience as many challenging activities as possible for their age. Thanks so much! Can't wait to see you next year.

Immanuel Lutheran College - Yr 3 - 09 Sep 2016

This has been such a great experience for our college - Great food, amazing location, very encouraging and supportive staff. Our students love this camp. You have created and atmosphere where everyone belongs and is centered on forming Christ-likeness in our students and leading by example. This camp has exceeded out expectations. Thank You!

Redlands College - James Yr 8 - 26 Aug 2016

What a wonderful location for a school camp. Great facilities and food have kept all the students engaged and fueled. It has been very special to see the Christian focus throughout the camp and activities. Thank you for the beginning a new chapter in the Luther Heights/Redlands relationship.

Redlands College - Yr 8 Steph - 26 Aug 2016

The team was extremely helpful, especially Heidi with our first time here. She was very patent. Staff with the kids were brilliant. Their relationship building was awesome! The kids loved the flying fox and being able to have 2 go at a time, Beach frontier was picked by the teachers as the best activity of all! We asked for servant leadership as the topic/theme and you delivered, it was excellent Thank you!

Redlands College - Rodney Yr 8 - 26 Aug 2016

Thank you to all of the staff at Luther Heights. Our stay here has been wonderful and full of fun. The instructors are kind, compassionate and understand the students and their needs. The tasks are challenging but fun and have allowed our students to discover skills and qualities they didn’t know they had. This camp has really provided students the opportunity to shine… and allowed us, as teachers, to remember how blessed we are to share this journey with them. The staff in the kitchens were also wonderful and incredibly patient with the students. The food is the best I’ve ever experienced on a camp. Thank you as well to Dave who constantly checked in to ensure our time at camp was enjoyable. This is honestly one of the best camp experiences that not only allows students to grow but that everybody can enjoy together. Thank you again everyone here at Luther Heights who has made our time here so enjoyable. We will be back again next year.

Prince of Peace LC - Emma - Yr 8 - 10 Nov 2016

Thank you for welcoming us like family to Luther Heights! you've cared for us, fed us with beautiful food and made sure everything was looked after for us. The blind art activity was such a creative, engaging team building activity that helped us reflect group dynamic and the cake decorating was a lovely way of relaxing, expressing ourselves and sharing with others. Thanks for the time spent by Heidi - figuring out what activities would suit our group.

ALWS - Anne - 18 Aug 2016

You are an amazing bunch of people who carry God's heart of love and joy in everything you do and say - bringing blessing after blessing. The setting is soul healing, the food was delicious and soul feeding. The blind art activity was one of our retreat highlights as the way we worked as a team to produce the end result affirmed us all. Thank you for all the 'extra miles' you walked for us. Thank you!

ALWS - Julie - 18 Aug 2016

The team here are fantastic, very friendly, happy to help and encouraging when doing activities. The best thing was the staff, food and beautiful view/environment. Team Challenge - The participants gained a lot of positive confidence whilst completing the challenges. Most participants said this was their favourite activity. Bush Dance - Everyone had such a great time. So many laughs.

MIFQ - 14 Sep 2016

We had a truly wonderful time. The location and grounds are beautiful, activities were perfect for our kids. The staff made us feel very welcome.

Churchill State School - Sarah Yr 6 - 14 Jun 2018

The range of activities allowed for a great variety of experiences. Facilitators encouraged everyone to go a little step further, whatever the activity.

Discovery Christian College - Joan & Brett Yr 8 - 04 May 2018

The catering staff went above and beyond. The catering of dietary requirements was outstanding. Nothing was too much trouble. The inclusivity of the menu was considerate of all. The team made the whole experience easy and relaxed. Much fun was had for all; students and staff alike. Awesome experience. Absolutely would not hesitate recommending to anyone. By far the best Youth Camp in Queensland, if not Australia!

Grace Lutheran College Caboolture - Mel Yr 7 - 07 Mar 2018

All instructors were very helpful, able to communicate instructions well and very encouraging and supportive. I found everything to be very professional but with a wonderful family and welcoming feel.

Holy Spirit School - Amber Yr 6 - 08 Feb 2018

We were very impressed by the handling of dietary requirements. Students loved being offered 'seconds' during all meal settings, so our 'big eaters' were catered for. Overall catering was fantastic. We would highly recommend Luther Heights. Camp staff regularly check in with us, they effectively run the program (allowing us to observe our students) and all activities offered are engaging.

Mount Samson State School - Kim Yr 4 - 20 Apr 2018

The camp is well orgnaised and run by caring, warm and helpful staff who are flexible and supportive. I am always so impressed by the staff and the way they interact with us and the students. The leaders were excellent at altering the activities to fit our students needs and level of comfort.

Redeemer Lutheran College - Lauren Yr 7 - 07 Feb 2018

It really is a 5 star kids camp when taking into account facilities, activities, food and experience.

St Peters Lutheran College - Cam Yr 4 - 27 Apr 2018

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