The Experience

We love working at Luther Heights.  Not only are we surrounded by amazing views on a beautiful piece of land, we are surrounded by an amazing team.

Our people are our difference; we are all here to serve.  We would like your stay to be a highlight of your year. When you’re at Luther Heights you will quickly see we are not like other camps.

We spend more money on food, team and presentation than people tell us we should; we do this just so you can enjoy this wonderful place and feel the joyous vibe.

Read our testimonials- our customers words are way better than ours!

Committed to Child Safety 

At the heart of our camping ministry is a desire to help and see children reach their God-given potential… which is why we take safety really seriously. Luther Heights Youth Camp is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all children in our care. Our team takes extra care to nurture children, protect them from harm and ensure compliance with all legislative requirements. Our practices and policies are directed and guided by the Lutheran Church of Australia’s Child Protection Policy. 

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